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Learn about the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma and explore Tulsa auto shipping companies. Whether you are relocating to Tulsa, OK to work, study or raise a family, AutoShipping.com can help you get free quotes from Tulsa auto transport companies!

City Background and History

Tulsa is the second largest city in Oklahoma, with a population approaching 400,000. Originally settled by the Creek Indians after their relocation to the area in 1838, they named the area Tallasi. Of course, the area became known as Tulsa when it was incorporated in 1898. The discovery of oil in and around Tulsa in 1901 prompted a rush to the area, and the town grew from a few hundred to 18,000 people by 1910, and to 140,000 people by 1940. The area was so influential in the early days of big oil that the region gained the nickname ‘Oil Capital of the World.’ Tulsa is also one of the cities to lay claim to being the ‘Birthplace of Route 66,’ the route that started America’s love affair with the car. Tulsa was hit extremely hard during the 1980s, as oil companies left the area en masse due to decreased production, rising costs, and lower oil prices. By the mid 90s, however, the region had diversified its economy and bounced back in a real way, with voters in Tulsa recently approving the ‘Vision 2025’ project, a massive public works project focusing on increasing tourism, arts, infrastructure, and more in the city, meaning Tulsa has an even brighter future ahead of it.

Tulsa’s glory days during the oil boom of the early 20th century touched off a building spree in the city in the most popular style of the day, art deco. The style, which adorns such buildings as the Empire State Building and the style’s poster child, the Chrysler Building, is found in particular concentration in Tulsa. As a result, the city has been the site of multiple Art Deco Congress conventions, which focus on promotion of the architectural style across the world. The recent building boom has offered modern alternatives to art deco, such as the buildings on the Oral Roberts University campus, which feature some of the finest post-modern futuristic architectural examples in the country.

Tulsa is home to impressive entertainment venues as well. The Philbrook Museum is rated as one of the fifty best fine art museums in the country. Housed in the estate of an old oil baron, the museum is one of only five locations in the country to offer a historic home, art gallery, and gardens all in one experience. The Gilcrease Museum, which houses Thomas Gilcrease’s works, among others, is believed to have the largest collection of artifacts and art on the American West in the entire world, giving Tulsa residents and visitors an unprecedented access to the country’s wild west past.

It’s easy to see why Tulsa was named one of the cities of the future by fDI Magazine, and one of the best cities in the country by BusinessWeek. Come find out what Tulsa is like by contacting Tulsa auto shipping companies to start your move today!

Tulsa Auto Transporters

A-AAA Auto Transport
A-AAA Auto Transport’s employees have over thirty years of experience in the auto transport industry, and know how to ship your car safely and securely. The company also offers discounts on shipping a car to Hawaii. Expedited shipping options are also available on a case by case basis.

MC Number: 479342

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Auto Transport 123
Auto Transport 123 is a very new company in the auto shipping industry. However, their short period of existence has not prevented them from building up a network of 150 drivers ready to move your car today! Auto Transport 123 distinguishes itself from the competition by guaranteeing that all vehicles are shipped on a single trip from pick-up to delivery.

MC Number: 2247479

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Direct Express Auto Transport
Direct Express is one of the larger car shipping companies in the industry, having shipped over 21,000 vehicles in a year. Located in San Rafael, California, Direct Express Auto Transport has the ability to complete nearly 90% of shipments within a week of pick-up.

MC Number: 479342

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