5 Things to Keep in Mind When Comparing Car Haulers

Car haulers help simplify the auto shipping portion of your move so that you can concentrate on other important things that you need to take care of. How do you know which car hauler you should choose? Listed below, are five things to keep in mind when comparing car haulers.


Working with licensed car haulers is the best way to get your car where it needs to go. Finding out if a car hauler is licensed is easy to do, takes a few minutes of your time, and, most of all, it helps you feel secure handing over the keys to probably one of your most expensive assets — your car.

Ask potential auto shippers for their DOT and MC numbers. Once you have those numbers, you can easily view the company’s licensing information online through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website. If a company ever declines your request for these numbers, take that as a warning sign and move on quickly.


All car haulers are required to maintain a minimum amount of shipping insurance coverage; however, it is very important that you verify not only the carrier’s insurance coverage, but your own car insurance coverage to be sure your vehicle is properly insured while it is being shipped.

Experience and Reputation

When you choose a company for anything, it is always nice to deal with one that has a good reputation and a proven history of customer satisfaction. Comparing car haulers is no different.

Besides price and services offered, look at the car hauler’s history of accomplishments. You want to choose a car hauling company with experience and one with a good reputation for client satisfaction. Luckily, there are many auto transport companies to choose from that are not only experienced, but have proven histories of customer satisfaction.

Shipping Options

Car haulers have quite a few ways to get your automobile where it needs to go. Some options include open vehicle transport, enclosed vehicle transport, specialty vehicle shipping, and express vehicle shipping. Services vary by hauler, and prices can vary greatly by chosen service. However, it is nice to know there is more than one option when it comes time to ship your car.

Pick-Up and Delivery Options

Getting a car shipped is easy for the consumer, but is a very detailed operation behind the curtains. Chances are that your car will be one of several cars stacked on a car hauler on its way to a new destination. Every one of those cars needs to be somewhere, too, and within a certain time frame.

While car haulers try their hardest to offer the best possible estimate of when your car will arrive to its new destination, they cannot guarantee the exact time your car will get there. Luckily, many auto shipping companies offer GPS tracking systems that will help keep you informed of your cars whereabouts at all times.