Auto Transport Services

Auto Transport Services

Choosing from the various auto transport services can seem overwhelming, especially for anyone who has never used this type of service before. There are many methods of locating auto shipping services, but, nowadays, the internet has proved to be the fastest and most reliable way to not only get competitive quotes, but to also be able to compare services side-by-side easily among carriers.

Make Sure the Company is Licensed

When looking for auto transport services, a few moments of research could help save you from major problems later on. All auto transport companies must register with the Department of Transportation, and the company must possess an active MC and USDOT number in order to operate legally. Brokers and forwarders are the only exception to this rule, as they are only required to have an MC number only.

If you are unsure if the auto transport service you are dealing with is properly licensed, you can find this information out many ways. You can either ask the company for proof or you can look at the USDOT and MC numbers located on one of their trucks and verify the information online through the FMCSA website.

Always Verify That the Company Has Cargo and Liability Insurance

Besides registering with the DOT, all auto transport companies are required to carry cargo and liability insurance. Amounts of insurance coverage may vary; therefore, you should always request proof of a carrier’s insurance coverage before making a commitment with them. Make sure the coverage amount is enough to cover your vehicle if something should happen to it while being in the care of the auto transport service.

Review Your Auto Transport Services Records and References

It is important to deal with an honest and reputable company when it comes to a service as important as shipping a car. Check the history and read customer reviews on any auto transport services that you may be considering. Review the company’s history with the Better Business Bureau and move on to another if the BBB rating is no good.

Verify Your Auto Transport Details

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, inquire about the specific policies and procedures of your chosen auto transport service. Exactly how definite is their schedule? What are their procedures as far as an inspection, the pickup, and delivery of your vehicle? Will there be any limitations that you should be made aware of? It is important to make sure to always get everything in writing, and evaluate the terms and conditions cautiously before signing on the dotted line.

Your vehicle is valuable and well worth the effort and the time necessary to select the appropriate auto transport service that is right for you. Carefully researching the reputation of auto transport services enables you to feel comfortable with your decision and allows you to relax while your vehicle is in transport to its new destination.

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