Auto Transport 123 Review

Auto Transport 123 Review

Auto Transport 123 is a Rockville Place, NY-based transportation service provider that offers point-to-point transportation of cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and boats. The company was established just over one year ago, and has already earned a reputation for high-quality service in the area. Auto Transport 123 offers door-to-door vehicle pick up and delivery throughout New York and to destinations around the country.

Innovative Pricing

Auto Transport 123 uses an innovative method for pricing its services. Instead of quoting flat rates for different zones and different classes of vehicles, the company ties its rates to the daily price of diesel. So when diesel prices go down, the company’s auto shipping prices go down, while the opposite happens when the price increases. Though Auto Transport’s prices are not among the lowest in the industry, the company has earned a very high customer rating on sites such as Transport Reviews because of its service quality.

Zero-Deductible Insurance Coverage

The company’s door-to-door open carrier shipping services come with a $50,000 zero deductible insurance policy, while its enclosed carriers are insured for up to $100,000 with zero-deductible. Auto Transport 123 maintains a roster of over 150 drivers nationwide who are specialists in flat-bed transportation services. The company uses these drivers to help customers transport motorcycles, boats, SUVs and over-sized vehicles.

Handy Online Tools

Unlike many of its rivals, Auto Transport 123 does not require customers to pay any money upfront. Instead, all payments are collected only when the vehicle is actually shipped with the company. Auto Transport’s main website offers free price quotes and a handy online tracking tool that customers can use to track their shipments in real time

Social Media Savvy

In keeping with its image as an innovative new company in the crowded trucking industry, Auto Transport maintains a presence on several social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Craigslist and It also offers several innovative tools for calculating distances, estimating transit times, and for figuring out all the requirements for shipping a vehicle.

Single Truck Shipping

Auto Transport is one of the few companies in the industry which guarantees that all vehicles will be transported on the same truck from pickup to delivery. The single truck model is designed to minimize the risk of damage to the vehicle as a result of unnecessary loading and unloading. It also helps Auto Transport 123 deliver vehicles to their destination quicker than many of its rivals.

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