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Learn about the city of Rochester, New Hampshire and explore Rochester auto shipping companies. Whether you are relocating to Rochester, NH to work, study or raise a family, can help you get free quotes from Rochester auto transport companies!

City Background and History

Rochester is the fifth largest city in New Hampshire, with a population of just under 30,000. Rochester was one of four towns granted by Samuel Shute of Massachusetts, and was incorporated in 1722. It was named after King James II’s brother-in-law, the Earl of Rochester, Lawrence Hyde. The city was one of the many towns in New Hampshire that provided white pine masts for the Royal Navy, and early settlement of the area was clustered around the logging of the area. The area around the Rochester Common was used during the Revolutionary War as a meeting place before troops went to war, and became the center of the community around that time. The area, like many on the New Hampshire seacoast, grew rapidly during the 19th centuries thanks to the giant mills that were constructed along the Salmon Falls River. The mills were so successful that Rochester was actually the world leader in shoe production for a brief time in the early 20th century.

Today, the mills are gone, but Rochester is not any weaker for it. In fact, the city has a lot going for it, both economically and culturally. The city lies forty minutes from the New Hampshire coast, forty minutes from the White Mountains, and 15 minutes from New Hampshire’s largest lake, Lake Winnipesaukee. The seacoast offers one of the nicest beaches in the country in Hampton Beach, while the White Mountains will take an entire lifetime to fully explore. Likewise, the third-largest lake in New England, Lake Winnipesaukee, has over 70 islands and hundreds of miles of coastline, and offers the finest fishing and boating New Hampshire has to offer.

The area also offers cultural options throughout the year. Of particular note is the Rochester Opera House, which is connected to City Hall. Though it has been repaired and refinished throughout the years, the Opera House looks largely the same it did when it opened in 1908. The floor of the opera house is actually moveable, which means the seating can be laid flat or removed for dances, and can be raised for a staggered look when taking in a show. The floor, which is manually operated, is believed to be the last known surviving example in the world of this type. The Opera House hosts both local and national touring acts of all kinds throughout the year, from comedy and dance, to symphonies and acting troupes.

With all of this, the Lilac City is one great place to be. Nestled perfectly between New Hampshire’s premier natural attractions, this is one city you can’t pass up. Contact Rochester auto shipping companies today for their help in relocating you to this wonderful city.

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Auto Transport 123
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