New Car Shipping

New Car Shipping

If you just bought a new Porsche, purchase enclosed carrier shipping from a new car shipping service to protect your vehicle.

With a growing number of people buying new cars online these days, the demand for new car shipping services has also been growing. New car shippers specialize in delivering brand new automobiles to consumers who may have purchased them over the Internet, or from a dealer located some distance away from where they live. Such companies can typically pick the car up from the dealership where it was purchased, and deliver it to your door in brand new condition.

Online Purchases Drive Need for New Car Transporting Services

New car shipping companies fulfill an important need. The Internet has made it possible for consumers to purchase cars online from pretty much any dealer in the country. Consumers are no longer constrained to shopping for cars in their immediate vicinity. Almost all major dealers and numerous sites, such as eBay, and, allow you to purchase a new or a used vehicle online with minimal effort. As a result, a growing number of people these days have begun purchasing vehicles online, which they need to have shipped home.

New Car Transportation Services

New car transport is a trend that is especially prevalent during fall, when most major automakers begin clearing out their old inventory to make way for the next year’s models. Savvy online shoppers know that fall is the season when they can negotiate the best bargains, even if it means purchasing from a dealer hundreds of miles away from them. When people buy a new car over the Internet, the last thing they want is to have miles added on to their vehicles before it arrives home. New car shipping companies help such consumers by ensuring that the vehicles they purchase are delivered to them without any miles added to them, and in the same pristine condition as they were in the dealer’s showroom.

Open Carriers and Enclosed Carries

New car shipping companies typically transport vehicles in open carriers or in enclosed carriers. With the first option, your new car will be shipped along with multiple other new cars in an open truck. This is the manner in which most cars are shipped in the country. All the major auto makers, for instance, use open carriers to transport new cars to distributors and dealers. If you are concerned about your new car being damaged during transit in an open carrier, you can ask your new car shipping company to transport it in an enclosed carrier. This is a more expensive option, but you can rest assured that your new Porsche, for example, will be delivered without any damage as a result of adverse weather or debris.

How to Choose a New Car Transportation Service

When choosing a new auto shipping firm, make sure the company has the insurance protection needed to transport new cars. Reputable car shipping companies will offer a full guarantee and enough car transportation insurance coverage to protect you from damage resulting from an accident or negligence. Always try to find the lowest rates, but don’t let price alone be the deciding factor. Sometimes, a reputable company might cost a little bit more, but you will have the peace of mind knowing that your new car is in safe hands. Also, as a general rule, do not book or pay for your shipping before purchasing your car. Sometimes, an online purchase may not work out as planned, and the last thing you want is to have to pay for a service you will not be using. If you just purchased a new car and you want it shipped to your home without adding any miles to it, save yourself a lot of trouble and hire a new car shipping firm to deliver it for you.