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Learn about the city of Missoula, Montana and explore Billings auto shipping companies. Whether you are relocating to Missoula, MT to work, study or raise a family, AutoShipping.com can help you get free quotes from Missoula auto transport companies!

City Background and History

Missoula is the second largest city in Montana, with a population of a little over 67,000. The city was founded in 1860, and was originally named the Hellgate Trading Post. Thankfully, the city was renamed Missoula Mills in 1866, and soon thereafter dropped the Mills moniker from its name. Meaning ‘place of frozen water’ in the Salish Indian language, Missoula is actually comparatively mild weathered compared to most of Montana. From its birth, Missoula was a timber town, so much so that the U.S. Forest Service actually moved its headquarters there in 1908. Also the site of the state’s first university, the University of Montana, the two twin-kings of Missoula have dominated the region for over a hundred years. Today, Missoula is defined by the state’s flagship university, and the diverse and vibrant culture that sprung up around it.

Missoula’s economy today is built on the fact that it is the trade center for the eastern third of the state, a distinction made from the fact that it is the only city of any real size for 300 miles in any direction. St. Patrick’s Hospital is the only real trauma hospital servicing the western portion of the state, and citizens from the region travel to Missoula to make major purchases, travel, or seek professional help in the trades or medicine here. Tourism is also a huge part of Missoula’s vibrant growth, with an incredible 4 million people visiting the city annually. Combined with the University of Montana, which provides an educated workforce not available to much of the state, Missoula has one of the highest per capita incomes in the state, as well as one of the lowest unemployment figures.

Missoula is a close-knit city that prides itself on its past and present. The River City Roots Festival is a celebration of Missoula as a city, and attracts over 10,000 individuals each summer. The Montana Museum of Arts and Culture, housed in an old Carnegie library, holds over 10,000 Montana-native works dating back to 1895, and is the largest such repository in the state. The historic Fort Missoula houses the Rocky Mountain Museum of Military History, and a Conservation and Education Center is currently being built on the site as well. If you’re looking for a good time out after all the sightseeing during the day, you’ll be glad that Missoula has one of the highest amounts of microbrew companies in the country, and is home to not one, not two, but three beer-themed festivals each year.

Whether coming here for school, work, or play, Missoula is the place to be in western Montana. Why not contact Missoula auto shipping companies today for their expert guidance in helping you relocate to this quintessential Montana city.

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A-AAA Auto Transport
A-AAA Auto Transport’s employees have over thirty years of experience in the auto transport industry, and know how to ship your car safely and securely. The company also offers discounts on shipping a car to Hawaii. Expedited shipping options are also available on a case by case basis.

MC Number: 479342

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Auto Transport 123
Auto Transport 123 is a very new company in the auto shipping industry. However, their short period of existence has not prevented them from building up a network of 150 drivers ready to move your car today! Auto Transport 123 distinguishes itself from the competition by guaranteeing that all vehicles are shipped on a single trip from pick-up to delivery.

MC Number: 2247479

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