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Learn about the city of Minot, North Dakota and explore Minot auto shipping companies. Whether you are relocating to Minot, ND to work, study or raise a family, AutoShipping.com can help you get free quotes from Minot auto transport companies!

City Background and History

Minot is the fourth largest city in North Dakota, with a population of 40,000. Known as the ‘Magic City’ since its founding in the 1880s, the city is so named because of its miraculous growth from nothingness into a functioning city practically overnight. When the Great Northern Railway ended its expansion for the winter in what would later be known as Minot, the train conductor used to announce the stop by saying ‘This is Minot, prepare to meet your doom,” referring to the area’s cold temperatures and tough climate. In the course of a few months, the tent city would grow from a few workers to nearly 5,000 people. The city continued to grow rapidly in the early 20th century, and meticulous court records show that Minot’s infamous title of ‘Crime Capital of North Dakota’ was true during this time period, with the area being known as ‘Little Chicago’ for the amount of illegal alcohol flowing through from Canada for Al Capone and his ilk.

The organized crime of the 1920s has long since left Minot, and, today, the city is full of exciting opportunities and recreational options. For a city its size, Minot boasts an impressive array of cultural activities for one to enjoy. Minot has both a symphony orchestra, band, and an opera company that perform throughout the city at different events and venues year round. It also has a youth punk rock organization, which, for those less clued in to alternative culture, is a group of teens and young adults who share a love of hard rock music concerts. The city also hosts the largest Scandinavian-American festival in the country, owing to the the 44% of the city’s residents who claim such heritage. The Norsk Hostfest, as it is called, happens each October and celebrates the region’s rich cultural heritage.

The Roosevelt Park and Zoo has been entertaining children and adults alike for decades, with both its collection of local fauna and flora as well as exotic animals from around the world. The North Dakota State Fair is held in Minot each fall, which features exhibits, shows, and items from citizens from all over the state of North Dakota. The city also hosts multiple museums, such as the Dakota Territory Air Museum, which features many aircraft from World War II and prior.

Whether you are looking for a great community that embraces its heritage, or just want a city that is full of down to earth nice people, Minot is the place for you. Contact Minot auto shipping companies today for their expert assistance in helping you make the move to the Magic City.

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