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Learn about the city of Lincoln, Nebraska and explore Lincoln auto shipping companies. Whether you are relocating to Lincoln, NE to work, study or raise a family, can help you get free quotes from Lincoln auto transport companies!

City Background and History

Lincoln is the capital and second largest city in the state of Nebraska, with a population of over 250,000. Founded in an area southwest of Omaha in 1856 as the town of Lancaster, the town changed its name upon the admittance of Nebraska to the union in 1867. The reason for the name change was from sinister forces in Omaha, which was then the territory’s capital. Worried that they were going to lose the status as capital to Lancaster, they conspired to change the name of the city to that of the recently assassinated president. As a state with serious confederate sympathies, it was believed that the state legislature would not move the capital to a city named after the Union Commander in Chief. It didn’t work, and the city became the capital upon Nebraska becoming a state. Today, Lincoln is a thriving city in Nebraska, and the only city of any size in the state not situated along the Missouri or Platte River.

As the capital of the state, Lincoln is full of state museums, libraries, and monuments of all types. The Nebraska State Capital is mandated by city code to be the tallest building in the city, which makes it a landmark that can be seen for miles away. More than just the state buildings, however, Lincoln has one of the most beautiful garden complexes in the country. Originally conceived as a project for unemployed men during the depression, the gardens offer a tiny bit of peace and quiet in the otherwise busy downtown Lincoln today. The State Fair arboretum and the Nebraska State arboretum system all have meticulously maintained gardens, and can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The cultural options abound in Lincoln. Whether you are a fan of the Cornhuskers Football team at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln campus, or want to check out the Lentz Center for Asian Culture, there is almost nothing you can’t enjoy in Lincoln. The Nebraska Symphony, the state theatre, and numerous concert halls, dance recitals, and street acts can be found in high numbers in Lincoln’s historic downtown area. If you want to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle, there is no better place than the Pioneer’s Park Nature Center. The 668 acre site is full of native grassland prairies, miles of hiking trails, animal exhibits, and nature buildings complete with programs for people of all ages. Round out the options with golf courses, public pools, and an observatory and planetarium, and there is little you can’t find in Lincoln.

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Auto Transport 123
Auto Transport 123 is a very new company in the auto shipping industry. However, their short period of existence has not prevented them from building up a network of 150 drivers ready to move your car today! Auto Transport 123 distinguishes itself from the competition by guaranteeing that all vehicles are shipped on a single trip from pick-up to delivery.

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