Cost to Ship a Car Bought Online

Cost to Ship a Car Bought Online

With the Internet playing an increasingly important role in how America does business, it’s also begun to change the world of buying and selling cars, opening up new horizons. In the past, buying or selling a car tended to be a local endeavor, and the challenge was finding something that suited your lifestyle, needs, and budget, while still being conveniently located fairly close to home. Today, the perfect car is easily just a click away, and can be shipped to you from anywhere in the world. While this approach may make it easier to find the car of your dreams, it also presents some unique challenges. You will need to find out the cost to ship a car bought online, first of all.

Shipping a Car Bought Online

Whether you’re buying a car via a dealer located in another city, or through an online auction site, the actual transport of the vehicle is of key importance. Auto transport companies are the most dependable option, provided that the company you use has significant experience and insurance coverage. If you have the option to choose the company you’d like to handle the car transport, you’re immediately more well-protected, as you’ve put in the time and energy to devote to researching your options. (Find out how to ship a car purchased online.)

Note that, when deciding the cost to ship a car bought online, some sellers choose to include shipping costs as part of the asking price, which can be a risky proposition. Before committing to the purchase, find out the shipping details, and, specifically, the name of the auto transport company the seller is planning on using. Take the time to make a call to the Better Business Bureau and to do a search on the company, as well as finding out from the seller whether or not the auto transport carrier is licensed, insured, and bonded. If the seller is using a sub-par transport company in order to save a few dollars and present the illusion that you’re getting a good deal, you could find yourself with a car that’s been damaged in transport, and no legal accountability from either the seller or the shipping company.

Shipping Options

Once you’ve verified that both the seller and the shipping company are legitimate and reputable, make sure to go over the details of how the car will be shipped. You typically have the option to decide whether the car will be shipped in an enclosed carrier, or the less expensive, more risky non-enclosed option, as well as how many other cars will be shipping at the same time. Some companies will deliver the car directly to the address of the buyer, which eliminates the need to pick it up at the shipping terminal, and also leaves it better protected from theft, vandalism, and accidental damage. Making sure all your bases are covered can make the cost to ship a car bought online affordable.