How to Transport a Car Purchased on eBay

Transport a Car Purchased on eBay

If weather permits, you might make a road trip out of it if you decide to transport a car purchased on eBay yourself.

You just found out that you won the car of your dreams that you have been bidding intensely for on eBay. After the excitement starts to wear off, you realize that you have one more challenge to overcome before you actually take possession of your new car -figuring out how to transport a car purchased on eBay.

While you may have gotten a great deal on your new car, it may be located hundreds of miles away. Don’t panic. There are plenty of ways to get your car to you, and many of these options cost less than you might imagine.

Hire a Driver

You can find many individuals and companies online nowadays that offer vehicle driveaway services. For a fee, you can have someone drive your car from its existing location right to your front door. Keep in mind that extra mileage, wear and tear, and the possibility of damage can occur when your car is being driven over a long distance.

The upside to using a professional to drive your car, however, is a quick turnaround time to transport a car purchased on eBay. In some cases, it may take less time to get your vehicle using an auto driveaway service versus using any other method of vehicle transport.

Use a Professional Auto Transport Company

Many auto transport companies offer all types of services for consumers to match almost any need and budget. For example, if you bought a classic car and want it carefully shipped, you can opt to have your vehicle shipped in an enclosed trailer. Enclosed shipping generally costs more than open shipping, but the key is to shop prices around to find the best options and prices to fit your needs.

Ship the Car by Train

Transporting a car by train can be an affordable and a practical way to ship a car. Since the vehicle that is being transported by train will not be driven, excess mileage and wear and tear on it will be spared. There are a few drawbacks to auto shipping by train, such as possible limited pickup and delivery options ,and the risk of your car being damaged if it is not housed in a covered container during shipment.

Pick It Up Yourself

Rather than pay someone to pick up and deliver your car for you, you could do it on your own. The upside to self-pickup and delivery is that you will be the one to take possession of your vehicle from the seller. That way, if there are any problems with the vehicle, you can resolve them right then and there—not from hundreds of miles away.

If you have the time and energy to drive hundreds of miles back and forth, and if you can afford the extra expenses involved in long distance travel, such as hotel stays, toll charges, and fuel costs, then picking up your car on your own is the option to transport a car purchased on eBay for you. Since you will be driving your car over a long distance, keep in mind that your car will incur extra mileage and wear and tear; thus depreciating its value in the process.