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Learn about the city of Bangor, Maine and explore Bangor auto shipping companies. Whether you are relocating to Bangor, ME to work, study or raise a family, can help you get free quotes from Bangor auto transport companies!

City Background and History

Bangor is the third largest city in Maine, with a population of just over 35,000. The last real stop before the mostly uninhabited northern Maine wilderness, Bangor has been a thriving community for over 250 years. The area may have been visited as early as 1524, and, in 1605, the famous explorer Samuel de Champlain came through the area looking for the fabled city of Norumbega. He, and everybody else, never found the city, and a permanent English settlement was finally established here in 1769. Named after a hymn by the same name in 1790 when it was formally incorporated, Bangor was sacked by the British in the War of 1812. Later self-billing itself as the ‘Lumber Capital of the World,’ the area around Bangor boasted an impressive 400 sawmills on the Penobscot River. Though its mill days are long behind it, Bangor is thriving thanks to a focused redevelopment effort and the University of Maine in nearby Orono.

If there is any group of people in Maine proud of their city, Bangor has to be it. ‘Banga,’ as it’s often pronounced by locals, is the epicenter of the entire northern Maine area, and for good reason. The University of Maine, in the village of Orono just past the limits of Bangor, is a major research institution that, like any large college, infuses a large amount of culture and arts into the area. The University Of Maine Art Museum houses over 6,500 works of art from around the globe. The recently opened Maine Discovery Center is a world-class interactive science center for kids and adults of all ages. The Bangor Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1896, is the oldest continuously operating orchestra in the United States. The Bangor Band dates to 1859 and gives free concerts every summer. The Collins Center for the Arts hosts theatre, concerts, and dances of all types throughout the year. Much of the architecture in downtown dates from the 1800s.

Bangor is also the perfect jumping off point for the natural wonders of Northern Maine. Only an hour away lays the source of the Penobscot River, which is rafted by companies throughout the summer season. Here one will find the only Class V rapids in the entire northeast United States, making this a must-stop for any adrenaline junky in the area. Recreational events of all types are here, from hiking, camping and hunting, to fishing, boating, and swimming.

So, if you want the perfect outdoor getaway while still retaining the vibrant atmosphere that comes with a college town, Bangor is the place for you. Contact Bangor auto shipping companies today to have them assist you with this move.

Bangor Auto Transporters

A-AAA Auto Transport
A-AAA Auto Transport’s employees have over thirty years of experience in the auto transport industry, and know how to ship your car safely and securely. The company also offers discounts on shipping a car to Hawaii. Expedited shipping options are also available on a case by case basis.

MC Number: 479342

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Auto Transport 123
Auto Transport 123 is a very new company in the auto shipping industry. However, their short period of existence has not prevented them from building up a network of 150 drivers ready to move your car today! Auto Transport 123 distinguishes itself from the competition by guaranteeing that all vehicles are shipped on a single trip from pick-up to delivery.

MC Number: 2247479

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