Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

Everyone knows that it is not safe to drive in bad weather conditions. Unfortunately, many people are already out on the roadways when inclement weather moves in. If you have the option to use an auto transport company instead of driving through bad weather, you should strongly consider it.

If you should ever find yourself driving on the roadways when the weather is less than favorable, make sure you remember the following tips for driving in bad weather. Doing so will not only ensure your safety, but may also ensure the safety of other drivers on the roadways, too.

Tips for Driving in Fog

  • Drive slow and make sure that you put your low beams or fog lights on.
  • Make sure to turn your windshield wipers and defroster on.
  • Keep an eye out for slow moving cars or brake lights up ahead. If visibility is a problem, roll down your windows to listen out for others cars.

Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain

  • Drive slowly and cautiously.
  • Turn on your headlights and windshield wipers.
  • Avoid driving through puddles to avoid potholes that could potentially damage your vehicle.
  • Do not panic if your car begins to hydroplane! Keep your steering wheel straight and your feet off the brakes and the gas pedal. As you start to slow down, the weight of your vehicle will eventually cause it to settle down and allow you to gain control of it again.

Tips for Driving in a Snow Storm

  • Clean all ice and snow off of your vehicle before you begin driving.
  • Put chains on your tires if you do not have snow tires on your vehicle.
  • Drive slowly and cautiously.
  • Never leave your vehicle when caught up in a blizzard. To stay warm, run your vehicle’s engine and heater for about 10 minutes every hour. Make sure to clear any snow from your tailpipe before doing so.

Tips for Driving in Thunderstorms

  • Avoid driving through flooded streets. If you must travel through them, look out for downed power lines or tree branches.
  • Remain in your vehicle when lightning is present.
  • Do not park your vehicle under a tree during a thunderstorm. Look for an open area where it is safe to park.

Tips for Driving in Tornadoes

  • Do not remain in your car if you see a tornado coming. Get out of it and seek shelter immediately.
  • Do not hide under your vehicle or under a tree to take cover. Look for a safe building to seek shelter in. If there are none available, look for a low area on the ground, such as a gully or ditch, to lie flat in until the tornado passes.
  • Keep your head covered while lying down to protect it against flying debris caused by the tornado. Most importantly, never attempt to outrun a tornado. They move much too quickly!

While it is often best to remain at home, work, or a safe house during inclement weather, these tips for driving in bad weather may help in cases of emergency.