Ship My Car

Ship My Car

If you are relocating to a new place, or just purchased a car online, one question you are likely going to find yourself asking is ‘how do I ship my car?’ Most of us are accustomed to hiring moving professionals to haul our furniture and other belongings when we move to a new home or city. However, when it comes to transporting our car, many of us tend to assume that the best option is to personally drive it to its new location. The reality is that professional auto shipping services are not quite as expensive as you imagine. Many companies these days can haul your car from and to any location in the country for about the same amount as it would cost you for a do-it-yourself relocation.

Here are the answers to some of the questions you probably have if you have never shipped a car before.

How Do I Find Someone to Ship My Car?

The Internet has made it extremely simple to search for and select car haulers who can transport your car regardless of where you live or where you want it transported. Most auto transport companies in your area will be willing to give you a free online quote if you tell them where you want your car picked up, where you want it shipped to and how soon you want it to be transported. Many online quote comparison sites allow you to receive and to compare free quotes from multiple vendors.

What Options Do I Have to Ship My Car?

Auto haulers will give you the option of shipping your car in an open carrier or an enclosed carrier. An open carrier is a large uncovered truck meant to carry between 10 and 12 cars. An enclosed carrier is a fully covered truck designed to transport between two and fours cars at a time. Open carriers are a cheaper option, but enclosed carriers offer better protection against road grime and inclement weather during transit. Car transporters typically also will offer you a choice between door-to-door service and terminal-to-terminal shipping services.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship My Car

The answer to that depends on several factors. The location from where you ship your car has an impact on price. Generally, it is cheaper to ship a car between major cities than it is to ship it between smaller towns. Similarly, the longer the distance you want your car transported, the greater will be your cost. The options you choose can also determine how much you pay for shipping. For instance, open car carriers are cheaper than enclosed carriers. Similarly, terminal-to-terminal service is more economical than door-to-door service.

Do I Need Insurance Coverage to Ship My Car?

Yes, it is a good idea to have insurance coverage during transit. You car is an important asset. Before you entrust it to an auto hauler, make sure the company is properly licensed and registered to operate a car transportation service. Ensure that the company is fully insured and can cover the cost of repairs in the rare event that your car gets damaged during transit. You can also see if your insurance company would be willing to provide additional protection to cover damages during transit.

How Long Will It Take to Ship My Car

That depends on where you are shipping it from and where you want it to go. Coast-to-coast shipping can take up to 14 days. Transport companies usually wait until their carriers have a full load before their trucks are dispatched. This means that, sometimes, your car might have to wait a couple of days at the shipping company’s terminal before it is shipped. Generally, it is a good idea to book your transportation at least one week in advance of your intended shipping date.

Next time you catch yourself wondering ‘how do I ship my car,’ remember it is not quite as complicated or as expensive a task as you might have imagined.