Safe Transport Guide

Safe Transport Guide

For most families and individuals, cars are a valuable asset. Taking care of a car can be stressful. Although damage to a car during auto shipping is rare, nevertheless, it can happen. The following safe transport guide will help you work with auto transport services to ensure that your vehicle remains undamaged during shipping.

Safe Transport Guide for You and Your Auto Shipping Company

Yes, not only do you want to take note of this safe transport guide, but you may want to discuss it with your auto shipping company to make sure that they comply with safety standards.

  • Be reachable to your auto transporter. Make sure that you provide a working phone number to your auto shipper. Most people are between places with their relocation and commonly overlook leaving their contact number with the transporter.
  • Verify ground clearance of your vehicle to ensure loading and unloading your car is safely done. Most auto shippers require at least a 4 inch clearance.
  • Verify your vehicle’s height to ensure loading and unloading your car is safely done. Most auto shippers require that your vehicles height does not exceed 7 feet.
  • Give all the details to your auto transporter. If you’ve made any permanent modifications to your car, such as a lift kit, that can’t be removed for transport, let them know. You don’t want any surprises at the time of pick-up delaying your shipment.
  • Make sure your vehicle is running properly. If your auto transporter has a problem starting your car, you may incur additional fees.
  • Your vehicles transit times will vary for many reasons:
    • Time of year: the season will affect your transit duration.
    • Origination and destination: where you’re shipping from and to will affect your transit duration.
    • Type of transport: open, enclosed, and freight carriers have a variety of routes available and, typically, each offers a different option with regards to transit duration.

Now that you’ve read this safe transport guide, you may want to call your auto transport company and see if they have any additional advice on safely transporting your vehicle for you.