Simple Tips to Help You Deal With Road Rage

Road Rage

Road rage is, unfortunately, something that all of us will have to deal with at some point throughout our lives. The best way to deal with road rage, however, is to not get angry or upset. Rather, attempt to handle it in non-confrontational ways.

To do so, it will take some energy on your part, but, by keeping your cool, you can possibly prevent a bad situation from escalating into something worse. Remember, you might be having a bad day, but you do not know what kind of day the other driver is having either.

Keep Your Cool

When someone cuts you off on the roads, your first impulse may be to lay on your horn, flash your high beams at that driver, or show your emotions in other ways, but don’t. Again, you don’t know what kind of day that driver that cut you off is having, and you certainly don’t know what state of mind they are in. Simply beeping the horn at this driver could cause him or her to go over the edge. The results are, frequently, not pretty.

Instead, when you are cut off, keep control of your emotions and learn to let go. It does sound easier said than done, but, if you can learn to deal with road rage that way, you will realize that getting upset over getting cut off is really not worth risking your life.

Take a Breather

If another driver did a little more than cut you off on the roads that caused you to be upset, do not continue driving without a clear mind. Losing control of your emotions could cause you to lose control of your vehicle, too.

Whether this driver almost caused you to have a car accident or clearly did something to make you mad, do not follow him or her. Instead, pull over for a few minutes and take some time to calm down. After you have calmed down, get back on the roads and leave that incident behind you.

Say You Are Sorry

Sometimes, it may be you that did something wrong on the roadways. It happens to even the most seasoned drivers. You may cut another driver off unintentionally or take a parking spot that someone had been waiting for —it happens. You may not be the one to get upset, but they may.

When you realize you have done something to upset another driver, don’t go out of your way to avoid them. Instead, tell them you are sorry.
You may not realize it now, but admitting your fault and saying that you are sorry could most certainly prevent another driver from getting road rage with you.

Occasionally, you can do all that you can to prevent an altercation with another driver, but it may still not be enough. While you may be able to keep your cool, the other driver may not. In a case like that, remain calm and do all that you can to avoid the situation. Do not make eye contact with the other driver. Stay in your car and keep driving if possible.

If you sense that he or she is following you or is trying to bring you harm, call 911 immediately from your cell phone and let the authorities handle it. If you do not have a cell phone handy, drive to a highly populated place where you can pull over and get assistance.

If your car is damaged during a road rage incident, view our resources page for helpful information. You may also need to purchase auto transport services.