Flying vs. Driving: Comparing Popular Methods of Travel

Flying vs. Driving

Which is better: flying vs. driving? If you have found yourself asking that very same question, you need to understand that there are many advantages and disadvantages that come with both. Whether you are taking a new job on the other side of the country, or you want to take a vacation somewhere sunny to get away from all of the snow, you will no doubt need to figure out how you are going to get there.

Let’s take a look at the many things you should consider when choosing between flying or driving to your intended destination.

Safety Comparison

The odds of experiencing a car accident on the roadways are much greater than being involved in an airplane crash. Still, many people take to the roadways on buses and in cars because of their fear of being in an airplane that may go down. It is safe to say that on a plane, there is little that can go wrong. While driving, you are at the mercy of other drivers and dangers on the roadways, regardless of how safe of a driver you may be. And, if you are driving over a long distance, you may be a danger to yourself, your passengers, and even other drivers should you happen to fall asleep at the wheel. If you’d rather fly, you can always use auto shipping company to transport your vehicle wherever you need to go.

Cost Comparison

Many commercial airlines offer deep discounts for travelers these days. Some airlines even offer discounted fares for travelers that book ahead, don’t mind traveling on certain dates or times, or travelers that are part of their frequent flier programs. If you need to get to your destination during the holidays or during another peak travel period, however, you may find that flying may not be the most cost-effective alternative. That is because rates tend to rise dramatically during these times. However, if you are driving your own car, you will need to factor in fuel and toll costs, as well as maintenance, wear and tear, lodging, and other expenses associated with your trip—especially if your are driving a long distance. A good thing to figure in too is cost for your time. Will driving for days cause you to miss work or other important functions? Sometimes, a long distance car trip can be eliminated in just a few short hours by flying vs. driving to your destination. Check car shipping rates to see if shipping your car to a new home and flying there yourself is cheaper than driving.

Different Experiences

Many individuals find flying to be a very exhilarating experience. They enjoy being in the sky, looking at the clouds, and relaxing. These individuals enjoy the convenience of getting to their location quickly too. Others prefer the experience of being on the open roads and seeing all the sights there is to see, regardless if it takes them longer to get to their intended destination by doing so. Flying vs. driving will get anyone where they need to go. Making the final choice between the two comes down to personal preference. As you can see, both methods of traveling offer many advantages and disadvantages.