Auto Shipping Delivery Dates

Auto Shipping Delivery Dates

Most auto shipping companies will give you estimated dates for pick-up and delivery. Auto shipping delivery dates are never exact!

Expectations for Auto Shipping Delivery Dates

Typically, you’ll be given a 3-day window for pick-up during the busy season, but your window may be extended by a few days in the off season. Your shipping company should forewarn you of the possibility of delays.

Thankfully, auto shipping delivery dates have become much more accurate with modern highways and technology. GPS tracking systems are often available that provide exact times and dates of when and where the car hauler trailers are. You can use this information to better estimate when your vehicle should arrive.

Be careful! Most auto shipping companies won’t guarantee exact auto shipping delivery dates. When promises are made, get it in writing, along with the remedy if you do not receive the service as promised!