Auto Shipping Checklist

Shipping a car can be a stressful experience when combined with a move. Without an auto shipping checklist, you might forget to do something before the auto shippers arrive.

  • Make sure that you have a complete set of keys for the auto shipping company, and a full extra set for yourself.
  • If you are transporting a classic, custom, rare, exotic, or otherwise expensive vehicle, go for the enclosed transport if you can – it will be worth the extra cost!
  • Clean your vehicle before drop off to ensure a proper inspection and clear documentation of your car’s physical condition.
  • Check your battery to make sure it’s fully charged and securely mounted.
  • Check the obvious places for fluid leaks: oil, transmission fluid, etc.
  • Disable or disconnect your car alarm.
  • Prepare your vehicle for it’s new climate; you might consider changing the oil, coolant, and possibly other fluids.
  • Remove and/or retract you car antennas.
  • Remove rear spoilers, grill covers, exterior spare tire and all car covers.
  • Remove all personal items from your automobile.
  • Drive your gas tank down to a maximum of 1/4 tank for auto transport.
  • Provide a complete set of keys to your auto shipper; ignition, door, etc.
  • Remove any audio equipment, car phones, and garage door openers that aren’t built in.

Hopefully, this auto shipping checklist will lessen the stress of moving and help you get everything done on time.