AmeriFreight Review

AmeriFreight Review

AmeriFreight is an Atlanta, GA-based auto transportation broker. The firm was established in 2007 and, in the relatively short time since then, has established itself as one of leaders in the business. The company counts the U.S. military and numerous emergency services departments around the country among its many customers. It has an ‘A’ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an ‘A+’ rating from AF Management Consulting for its vehicle insurance coverage options.

Service Differentiation

One way that AmeriFreight has tried to differentiate itself from rivals is through its full service guarantee. As a Department of Transportation-licensed broker, the company helps arrange point-to-point auto transportation to destinations around the country overseas. Customers can use the company to have their car picked up and shipped to any location within the continental United States and internationally. Unlike many other transportation brokers though, AmeriFreight remains the primary contact for customers from the moment the car is picked up by a carrier to the point where it is dropped off at its destination. All car transporters used by the company are required to have a 95 percent, or higher, customer satisfaction rating

Unique Insurance Protection Option

The company has established a partnership with New York-based AF Management Consulting, under which it provides optional insurance coverage for customers. The insurance protection is designed to protect customers in situations where the customer’s own insurance, or the insurance provided by the carrier, are not enough to cover damages. Customers who sign up for AmeriFreight’s select shipping options get the AF Total Assurance gap insurance plan for free, while those who sign for basic shipping plans need to pay extra to get the optional coverage.

High Customer Satisfaction

On average, the Atlanta-based broker transports between 4,500 and 5,000 automobiles a year, which makes it one of the largest brokers in the region. The company has received consistently high ratings from customers on forums such as The firm touts itself as a preferred transporter for the military, as well as for students and the elderly. AmeriFreight offers discounted shipping services for members of the armed forces, their spouses, emergency services personnel, such as policemen and firemen, and for students and senior citizens.

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