5 Auto Transport Quotes Tips

Auto Transport Quotes Tips

Shipping a car may not be something that you are an expert in, but getting the best auto transport quotes is easy when you know a few industry tricks of the trade.

Plan Ahead

The minute you know that you are going to need the services of an auto transport company is when you should start getting your auto transport quotes. Why? Because auto transportation companies book up quickly, especially during peak seasons like summer and winter months.

Be Flexible

Instead of your car being the only one on the carrier, it’s best to work with a transport company that can schedule pickup and delivery dates and times that coincide with other shippers that need their cars moved to the same vicinity as yours.  Doing so will most definitely get you lower auto transport quotes, and will get your car moved faster than if it was going to its destination alone.

Consider Expedited Auto Transport

If you know that you are going to need your car within a certain time-frame and you cannot be flexible with your shipping dates, it’s best to get auto transport quotes for expedited delivery upfront. While expedited car delivery will certainly be a more expensive option than standard auto shipping, you will not incur costs that you may end up paying for, such as a rental car, taxi service, lost income, or other costs associated with not having your vehicle available when you need it.

Have Your Car Shipped to a Terminal

When you begin looking at your auto transport quotes, you will notice that some services cost significantly more than others, especially when it comes to pickup and delivery options. If you need your car picked up or delivered near a large city, there is a high probability that an auto shipping terminal will be close by. Rather than pay extra to have your car shipped to your front door, get auto transport quotes to have your car shipped to a terminal as a more cost-effective alternative.

Forgo Enclosed Auto Shipping Unless You Don’t Mind Paying Extra for the Service

Keep in mind that open auto shipping is very safe. In fact, shipping cars on an open carrier is so safe that most auto dealerships get their new vehicles shipped to them from the manufacturers this way.

Although damage is rare during auto shipping, it can occur. Therefore, if you are planning to ship a car that could lose significant value from even the simplest scratch or ding, it is recommended that you get auto transport quotes for enclosed auto shipping and skip getting quotes for open carrier transport.